Cassie Pallot "Doodle" Evans 1998ish - 2014

Cass came into mylife in 2000, she was the last of about 6 dogs to be brought out when we were at the animal shelter looking for a new little buddy. Cassie (or Lassie as she was then known) was described as not being the best looking of dogs, but very sweet. Anyway the little hound that bounded out to greet us that day was the most adorable and magical little girl, and there was absolutely no decision to make - Cass had found us and so began the next 14 beautiful years of all our lives.

Cass was an incredibly tough little hound, and certainly one of the most intelligent and graceful beings I'll ever know. In 2008 Cass had to have a metal plate inserted in her hind leg after her knee ligament had gone, and in 2010 she had metal wire in her other leg having had the same problem. Cassie's recovery from both these major operations was miraculous and testament to the incredible zest for life she possessed. What makes this even more remarkable was that sandwich in-between these two major operations Cass had to have emergency surgery in 2009 to remove a kidney after a tumour was found to have burst, and she also had a heart problem.

Dave & Cass in the Pyrenees 2012


Cass wasn't the one that was rescued, it was Cass that rescued me. I owe the fact that I am still here to Cass, and she saw me through not only some of the most beautiful parts of my life but also some of the darkest. Cass was the one who fixed things when no one else could. Cass fixed more than just me though, she fixed many relationships that would otherwise have fallen by the wayside, Cass was the glue that stuck things back together when they seemed hopelessly broken.

It's difficult thinking about life without Cass, but she is entwined into every ounce of my soul, and I still feel her with me. I was no more her master than she was mine. It's impossible to quantify my little Doodle's life with words. It feels strange but it certainly doesn't feel like goodbye, and those little paws still follow me everywhere I go just as they always did. Cass taught me more about life than any person or any book could, and she also taught me how to love without conditions, and to live everyday like there's no tomorrow.

My little girl you will never be forgotten, but for now you'll wait up on the ridge-line for the day I come up to join you and we get to run, explore, fly and be together again.


Dave & Cass in Spain

Dave & Cass in Spain

Dave & Cass

Cass was a fiercely loyal and independent little hound, and was never really happy unless she was with me or Mel. Cass would often dump her would be babysitters to make her own way to the stables, or even the Chateau where she thought she might find one of us. She could always be found out riding, and at times would be out riding with the horses 3-4 times a day. She is probably the only dog to have visited every football pitch in the island, and was always present for warm ups and half time team talks when I was playing. Cass permeated every part of my life, and if there was somewhere Cass wasn't allowed, then we didn't go. Cass made many friends, both human and animal and she spread a little bit of her infectious happiness and grace to all of them.

Todd, Benji & Cass at St Ouens