Dave Evans, a Jersey based wedding, corporate, and portrait photographer.

I fell gradually into photography, much as I fell gradually into life, and I strive to continuously get better at both. This is quite apt, as photography is all about capturing life, that moment that is otherwise lost forever to the blink of an eye. There is something magical in each of these moments, something that a photograph can capture, something that may be missed by the eye. The eyes tell many lies, but a photo never so, a photo teaches our minds to look at things in a different way, it reveals to us beauty where once there was none. This for me is what creates and sustains my love of photography, these moments of truth and beauty, but above all these moments of magic. I believe there is magic and beauty in everyone and in everything. I make it my passion to seek out and capture these moments, my job is to record forever the beauty and magic of our here and now's.

Originally from the Midlands of England I have lived in Jersey since 1996. I have a love of animals, and am the proud owner of two wonderful horses and a Spanish rescue dog. As well as animals I have a deep empathy with nature in general, and I always try to live with respect for our surrounding world and its various inhabitants. I can regularly be found crawling around the mountains of Northern Spain in pursuit of wolves and bears, and love being out in the wide outdoors. Above all I have a deep love of life, and I recognise the moments that make us feel alive, sometimes moments we aren't even aware of, and it is my mission to document this for future generations on this magical journey we call life.

Please contact me on 07797 737 429 or email: dave@west.je


If you're looking for someone to make you look like someone you're not, then I'm probably not the right photographer for you. However if you are looking for someone who will search out every ounce of beauty and magic within, if you want something a little different, then I'm the photographer for you.